We’re Here For You!

The legislative session is a week away!

To date, no ethics commission enabling legislation has been pre-filed.  (You can check the legislative website here to see what has been filed. Right from the home page you can enter keywords, bill numbers or see the complete list of 2019 legislation.)

At the top of our NMEW website, you’ll note a holding space for “ETHICS BILLS AS THEY ARE FILED”.  For each filed bill, you’ll be able to click on a link that will take you to information regarding bill location and, if in a committee, committee members’ names and contact info, as well as an analysis, a comparison with other filed enabling legislation bills, and common practices among the states.

In this spot, “Ethics Watch is Watching” – reached by scrolling down on the home page or clicking the ever-present “Ethics Watch is Watching” bar – you’ll find regular postings on all things ethics-related, both during the session and beyond.

We’ll continue to invite you back, especially as things heat up with legislation.  For now, let us know what you think about our website redesign and preparedness on our Facebook page post.  Many thanks!