At the end of last week, New Mexico Ethics Watch (NMEW) released its “Essential Elements for an Independent Ethics Commission” document, to provide guidance to the public, the press and legislators as to what elements are necessary to create a strong independent ethics commission.

The document highlights and explains the following nine elements necessary for a strong, effective, nonpartisan ethics commission: Independence; Jurisdiction; Transparency; Open Meetings; Funding; Evidence Standard; Subpoena Power; Enforcement; and Commission Quorum.

You can access the Essential Elements document here.

As NMEW board chair and Former NM Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Bosson noted in the accompanying press release, “New Mexico needs ethics commission legislation that will increase the trust in those working for the public and seeking public office and state contracts. In the interest of fairness and accountability to New Mexico’s citizens, legislators can do their part to empower a strong ethics commission by including in enabling legislation the essential elements set out by NMEW.”

You can access the Essential Elements press release here.