Following the final appointments by legislative leaders and the governor, the four legislatively-appointed commissioners are looking to fill the final two commission spots.  (Information about how to apply electronically or by mail can be found here.)

The five commissioners to date:

Retired Judge William F. Lang, (D), Commission Chair, appointed by the governor

Former NM Governor Garrey Carruthers, (R), appointed by NM  State Senate Minority Leader Stuart Ingle

Judy Villanueva, (R), appointed by NM State House Minority Leader James Townsend

Stuart Bluestone, (D), appointed by NM State House Speaker Brian Egolf

Frances Williams, (D), appointed by NM State Senate President Mary Kay Papen

Three democrats and two republicans have been appointed. By law, no more than three members of the commission may be members of the same political party.

Here is how the four legislatively-appointed commissioners described the necessary qualifications for the sought-after commissioners in their recent op-ed:

“To qualify for appointment to the commission, a person must be a qualified voter in New Mexico; not have changed party registration in the last five years; and not have been, within the past two years: a public official or employee of the state executive or legislative branch or have been appointed to a state executive or legislative branch public agency; a candidate for a state executive or legislative office; a lobbyist as defined in state law; a government contractor or have submitted a competitive sealed bid with a state executive or legislative branch public agency; or an officer in a state or national political party.”

If you meet the qualifications and have interest, please apply!