What Does it Mean to be Ethical

Within our world of skeptical and moral questions, we ask amongst ourselves what is right and wrong in the play of a society that feeds on bad decisions. As a whole, the questioning of moral has become so bent, bad choices are used advantageously through politics, media, and social justice. What does this mean for the individual that serves a part of any society? Whos to say that a general ethical process is moral or immoral? General truths serve as a guide but if everyone agrees on an immoral process, then what does it mean to be ethical?

As an individual who lives and plays the roles of society, they must sustain their basic human needs regardless of the circumstances as well as function in society such as working for currency to pay for the basic human needs and pleasures, abiding by the law, and contributing to the system by paying taxes or volunteering in a community. But what if the job one work at, works for a man using this person’s skills to harm others, and the taxes one pays go to upper class, and the volunteer service someone has done is against other people’s morals like building a satanic temple of worship. You can’t necessarily quit your job because, how will you pay for your basic human needs. You can not quit paying taxes because it is against the law, and the satanic temple you built is not wrong to you because of your subjective upbringing. Ethics are subjective to everyone. A child could be raised to believe stealing in any means necessary is completely moral. We know that’s wrong but to this child, it is not. This applies to a society where everyone pays a small portion to benefit a person of higher power and continuing the suffrage of everyone else. The rest of society does not necessarily disagree with the awful things are being done in the hands of powerful people to whom we work for, because the rest of society has to sustain life somehow, but at the cost of conformity to the system because the system works to sustain this. I suppose it would be ethical for the individual in this scenario, to simply comply and live to help others in need. As for the unethical people in charge however, they have a say in how the rest of the individuals will work to benefit them. Would it be wrong then for the individual to challenge the hands of power? I suppose it’s dependent on how everyone else feels about your challenge against the corrupt system of which everyone lives in.

If being ethical means to be fair, moral, and consistent with the struggles of good and bad in order to make the righteous pathway in life, how can this be applicable in a society where these mindsets are bent because everyone agrees on things that are toxic and vile. With ethics, we balance the pros and cons of decisions in order to make the righteous choose. Variables create the pros and cons and the decisions are biased based on the balance of what appears to be good and bad. If I lived in society as I described, I know my actions in order to function within that society would be immoral and because of my upbringing, I would work to form a new system that complies with everyone’s needs even if it was against the law to do so because it is wrong to the people. Now in order for my new system to work, others have to agree and as a whole population comes to agree on the fairest, just, and moral system, there is still the question of what is truly right and wrong. Being ethical is not only fair but is also having the ability to challenge right and wrong not only for one’s self but for everyone. Being ethical means to be able to discuss these terms because everyone holds a bias of what right and wrong and if everyone finds a way to benefit themselves and everyone else at the time, an ethical perfection is achieved.

As far as being ethical in means that is applicable to this very moment, I would listen to what others have to say in order to help them in a fair manner. Whether or not they pay you back for what you have done does not matter to someone who lives ethically because they know it is the right thing to do regardless. So even in a broken and corrupt society, the moral question is a guide to live in what perhaps is enlightenment but with that being said, would it be ethical to somehow share ethical living with everyone? I suppose that decision is not quite agreed upon.