Watching The Watchers

Welcome to the second edition of Watching the Watchers, the New Mexico Ethics Watch newsletter. I thought I would take a moment to discuss NMEW’s educational mission, perhaps the most critical part of the work we do.

At NMEW, we strongly believe that the most effective tool in ensuring ethical governance is an informed electorate. Citizens who know their rights, and know the duties and responsibilities of their elected representatives and other state officials, provide the strongest barrier to corruption and unethical behavior. NMEW undertakes its educational mission in a variety of ways. We hope that you can engage with us in any or all of these facets of our education work.

  • Follow us on social media. Our Facebook page and Twitter feed provide daily updates on any ethics or good government story in the state, and relay key stories on government ethics from the national scene. If you want to stay informed of what is happening day-to-day in government ethics, “Like” the Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.
  • Read our reports. Every year, NMEW plans to release at least one research report on an issue concerning ethics in New Mexico. Our first, released last January, was our report on the problems with the state’s Financial Disclosure Act. We have also issued a primer on next steps for the proposed statewide Ethics Commission. As we create more reports, primers, discussion papers, and the like, we will post them on our website as a reference for the residents of New Mexico, to help prompt informed debate.
  • Follow NMEW’s interactions with the press. We have been pleased that the state’s media has taken such interest in our work, despite our being a new organization. If you are ever interested in what we have been saying lately, click on the Press tab on our homepage.
  • Use us as a reference tool. Look in the near future for reference pages for contacting the various state and local government ethics agencies or enforcement agencies, as well as links to national reports and research on government ethics.
  • Contact us directly. We are always available to answer questions about government ethics or good government as best we can, and if we don’t know the answer to your query, we surely know someone who does.

The best way for us to promote strong, ethical governance in our state is to be informed. NMEW believes strongly in its educational mission. We hope that the resources listed above are useful to you – and if you think something needs to be added, or we could be adding an element to our educational mission, please let me know.

As always, thank you for your support for NMEW’s work. Spread the word about NMEW to anyone you know who is interested in good government and ethical governance, whether in New Mexico or anywhere in the country. And we would certainly appreciate if you were able to join our effort by making a donation.



Douglas Carver, Executive Director