Watching The Watchers

These are, as the alleged proverb has it, interesting times to be in the business of government ethics. Nationally, it is an ethics maelstrom, with charges and counter-charges of unprecedented scope and intensity flying about, one of the nation’s leading ethics officials resigning in disgust, and a bevy of investigations, lawsuits, and hearings.

In New Mexico, the news is better. With campaign season upon us, there are, naturally, the first outcroppings of allegations of campaign finance and ballot irregularities. Yet there is a positive and fruitful dialogue beginning on the proposed statewide Ethics Commission, and the Secretary of State has been conducting statewide hearings for new Rules concerning campaign finance. These discussions have been vigorous, educational, and are healthy for our democracy and our civic society. The people are engaged in some of the most important issues of our democracy – how we want to be governed, and how we control those who govern us.

New Mexico Ethics Watch is playing its part in these conversations. Every recent month has found us, and going forward will find us, speaking to different groups about ethics in the state – legislative committees, interviews with the press, political groups, good government groups. NMEW is a nonpartisan organization, and we cannot and will not support or oppose candidates or ballot measures, but we are always happy to meet with anyone who wants to talk ethics.

If you would like us to come and talk with your group or organization, please reach out to us. Or if you simply have a question, let us know it and we will get you an answer. It’s the best part of the job.

Thank you for following and supporting our work. We cannot do it without you.


Douglas Carver, Executive Director