We work to improve ethics every day.

New Mexico Ethics Watch is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization and a principal leader in ethics reform in New Mexico.  Our values are that ethics is for everyone; that good government leads to improved schools, healthier communities, and better business, and attention to ethics in public life leads to more equitable opportunities for all. We use multiple channels to advance ethics reform.  We produce groundbreaking reports recommending agency action and legislative reform; provide educational events, information and opportunities; act as a government watchdog – calling out unethical behavior and praising ethical actions; and expand the discussion about ethics in New Mexico.

We use multiple approaches to reach a statewide audience. The cornerstones of our approach are:

Information and Education

We publish in-depth, groundbreaking reports such as The New Mexico Oil & Gas Industry and its Allies: Oceans of Oil, Oceans of Influence and Lobbyists And Their Outsized Influence in New Mexico: Tales of Film, Firearms, and Fumes. Our research, analysis, findings and recommendations point the way to agency and legislative reform, lead to public appearances that inform and educate, and serve as background and source material for the press.

Citizen and Youth Engagement

We continue to engage New Mexico citizens through the press, published materials and our annual Ethics In New Mexico event, as well as engage our young community members with our education initiative, The Student Ethics Essay Contest.  The prize-offering annual essay contest challenges high school students to think ethically and continues to expand its statewide reach.


We produce and distribute EthicsNOW, an audio and video podcast where we discuss ethics in everyday life, digging into ethical issues and broadcasting in-depth conversations with expert guests on a variety of important topics including health, education, business and government. Launched in March 2020, with weekly episodes and more than 25K views, the podcast is widely distributed across all major platforms and has an ever-growing audience.


NMEW played a key role in establishing the New Mexico State Ethics Commission. Working alongside legislators and other advocates, our expertise assisted in creating complaint and resolution processes that met the public’s demand for fairness and transparency. We continue to serve as a watchdog over the Commission and all of New Mexico’s public officials, ensuring they perform their jobs and serve ethically, by calling out unethical behavior and praising ethical actions.